Sunday, August 25, 2013


                               What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Trading mirrors life. As every adult should know, all actions have at least one consequence. Sometimes the consequences take a while to manifest, but they are surely there waiting to find you and become reality.

Sadly, we live in a delusional society that at every level [personal, corporate, and government] has as its major goal the suspension of consequence.

Trading offers NO such convenience.

When you are “out of step” with the truth that the market is telling you, all that is left is account destruction. Sooner or later you will step into the abyss, and it is very hard indeed to come out again whole.

What is worse, many of you eagerly jump from one algorithm [system, method, trading plan, whatever you want to call it] to another with no thought or hesitation. When you lose money yet again for the nth time [please, pick a number that is appropriate], the cycle repeats until there are “no cookies left in the jar”.

                            ALWAYS Check The Pool Beforehand

What is it that you are missing? Quite frankly, you don’t understand the limitations of what you are doing. All trading algorithms have at least one major limitation [flaw] that will result in losing money. The vast majority have many more than one, and quite often the developers and traders that use it do not even understand what they are.

You are soooooo busy picking the color of your new Mercedes SL450 based on developer hype, you haven’t got time to think about unpleasant details.

Raise your hands NOW if I’m preaching to the choir!!

[Ruh Roh …….. that’s a lot of hands.]

As far as I know, and I’ve spent the better part of a solid year analyzing the trading logic [see “The Marble Game” file in the Downloads section for exact details on trading philosophy], the “-vegas Big Bang Algorithm” has only one limitation.

This Daily Chart Pattern Spells Potential Trouble

I call these patterns “spindles” but the proper candlestick terminology is the “Doji”. It doesn’t mean automatic losses, but the probability of losing is high.

If you have downloaded and read the “-vegas For Life” file, you should understand why this is so; in the Forex pairs I recommend TRADING, this type of daily chart pattern [over time]HAS THE LEAST PROBABILITY OF OCCURING [less than 5% of all trading days]. I have purposely designed the algorithm to maximize profit and minimize loss on all other trading days.

What it boils down to is this:

                                                 Yes Indeed

And what this means to me and my family is this:

Define and then find your dream. Take the words in the header of the website seriously; Read [Find the information you need and want]. Think [God gave you brains so use them.]. Study [Nothing comes easy in this world without some critical thought.]. Act [Unless you play, it’s impossible to win.]. Prosper [Live your dream and help others achieve theirs.]

Have a good day everyone. Any thoughts, questions, criticisms, and/or comments please send to I will respond as quickly as I can.


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