Friday, June 1, 2012


                                    Hey, Let’s Trade Some Gold

In an economy only Chalky Soetero could love, even the BLS [Bureau of Lies & Statistics] couldn’t make up enough births, new business start ups, and people dropping out of the workforce to give the needed spin on today’s job numbers.

But hey, running the economy into the ground is hard work when you have fundraisers scheduled day in and day out. You have any idea how hard it is to party with the Hollywood types all week and then have to come home to MOOOOOchelle and be lectured about eating broccoli instead of cheeseburgers?

Back in the real world, gold took off today on hopes Weimar Ben has enough bad data in his quiver to justify full throttle hyper inflation full speed ahead into QE3 [and then QE4, QE5, ad infinitum nauseum] later this month at the scheduled Fed June meeting. 

So, just another $70+ range day. Ho hum.

My only hope for those that are long gold is that they get their collective wishes, because if Uncle Ben disappoints, well … I don’t want to go there because there might be kids around reading this and I don’t want to scare them. But at least for today, it looks like gold has bottomed for a while, and the $25 gap up on the NFP news filled some shorts at prices that left some stuff in their shorts [if ya know what I mean].

Not to be outdone, with record short spec positions in EURUSD, first let’s open the hatch door down, freeze the quote and order tickets for 30 seconds, then light the fuse to take us up almost 170 pips. That dealers intentionally freeze the order boxes even once in your lifetime should be cause enough to have them all taken out back of the woodshed and shot; not in the head because that would be quick. No, everywhere else.

Meanwhile …. In news you can really use.

                                    Which Adults Are Peeing?

It’s gonna get warm this weekend, and in the interest of making sure my readers are well informed and safe, you need to know that according to a recent poll conducted by the “Water Quality & Health Council”, fully 20% of adults admit to peeing in public pools.

“So, who’s up for hiking in the mountains?”

And because it’s gonna get hot out there this summer, remember: Amerika is known for its ingenuity.

Have a good weekend everyone.


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