Thursday, May 31, 2012


                                Official Presidential Limousine

Our Narcissist-in-Chief spent the better part of his youth using/abusing drugs and alcohol. I’m sure he still has a clear mind. After all, if you intentionally wanted to economically destroy Amerika what would you do any different than he has done?

It looks like the gold market too is in some kind of drug induced state. Take today for instance; where else can you get 4 $5 rallies, a $7 rally, 2 $5 breaks, and to top it off a $20 break, all within 2 hours? And, the day has barely started! Obviously, some people need to clear their collective heads.

Maybe it’s from spending too much time in the Preezy Limo trying to suck in “bud smoke” off the roof. I dunno, just askin’, because what we are seeing in gold is pure unadulterated account destruction going on at the retail level. Open interest is dropping for a reason; nobody can handle these wicked spikes/drops that come out of nowhere multiple times during the U.S. session.

As if you needed to be reminded, gold has always had a reputation for stop hunts and dealer games. Throw in slippage on fills and you have cooked up a recipe for disaster. You really want to risk your account for a trade?

Meanwhile ….. over in fantasy land Europe, the Pol’s still pretend and play around like a solution to the continents problems are at hand. What they are missing is simply this: it’s not a liquidity problem it’s a solvency problem. Greece is gonna cost Europe a trillion Euros; in a country with roughly 11 million people, even if they were better workers than the Germans, there is no way that amount of money owed by 11 million people evahhhhhhhh gets paid back. Extend and pretend all you want, it ain’t gonna happen. Eat the losses and let’s get on with it.

But sadly, that these Pol’s would allow people for generations to suffer so that greedy bankers who made bets can recoup their collective bond losses at the public’s expense is nothing short of criminal. And until this changes, nothing is going to save Europe.

Tomorrow is NFP Friday; my favorite time of the month. Based on data received lately, I don’t know how the liars at BLS [Bureau of Lies and Statistics] can spin there way to a rosy number. In the “choom equity market” though, remember that bad news is good news because Weimar Ben stands at the ready for more QE. Nothing makes the prop desk traders over at Vampire Squid drool more than the thought of more money for the stock market.

Because as everyone knows, you are too stupid to know how bad things really are if only your stock portfolio is up and showing a 0.001 % gain. Nothing else matters, and with this new found sense of financial delight, you will happily [and blindly] go out and spend money and vote for Chalky Soetero in November. See how good things can be if only you would let them be good?

Back in the real world, away from Chalky Soetero and his “Choom gang”, things are a lot more clear; the jobs situation is worse, the inflation situation [especially food] is worse, Europe is in the process of going over a cliff, and of course FaceBook stock is 30% [or more] lower than a week ago.

So, put on that Bob Marley album, sit back and relax; I’m sure things are gonna work out.

Have a good day everyone.

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