Thursday, January 16, 2014


              And Then ......, Jack Got The Bright Idea To Be A Trader

Everybody comes to the marketplace to make money; the $64,000 question is how are you gonna do it? Do you know yourself? Have you figured out your limitations and liabilities? What are you going to risk, and where do you draw that proverbial money “line in the sand”? These and a couple of dozen more equally valid questions I could easily rattle off to ask a Newbie to the FX market.

Over the years, months, and weeks I have often talked about why people fail at trading; add one more to the list. Your trading plan (algorithm) doesn’t match your 1) personality, 2) lifestyle, 3) risk management profile, and/or 4) your trading goals.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind the “Long Term –vegas Big Bang Algorithm” is one of the very best money making opportunities you will ever come across in the Forex universe. Its visual approach is relatively simple to understand and implement, and of course it is free and supported by me.

BUT …….

As with everything in life, you have to understand the limitations and drawbacks of the algorithm to be successful. In short, the biggest drawback of the algorithm is the large amount of time you have to give the market [any of the FX pairs].

The algo is a real time hog! We don’t know which session, or which hour (s), any cross will really move. I don’t know anyone who can stay up and focused 24/5. I tried it once, and by Tuesday night the dog was talking to me.

For many people, and for many reasons, a shorter time approach is almost mandatory due to life getting in the way of your love affair with your MT4 trading platform.

When I developed the Long Term Algo in late summer, I already knew in my mind the foundation for the Scalper Algorithm was in place; yet, I was missing a key component that was driving me nuts.

Briefly, I was missing the proper math equations to account for fractal time compression.

A couple of on-the-side speaking engagements [where I am always intellectually stimulated], a chance meeting with a University math professor, and a walk on the beach with Cousin It and I get up the next morning and BAMMMM !, there it is tattooed on the inside of my eyelids. The solution couldn’t be any clearer.

[Caution! Trying to understand the logic put in motion by the events of the last paragraph may result in loss of appetite, extreme nausea, and of course hot-dog fingers.]

Because so many people need it, I’ve decided to publish a PDF manual for the “-vegas Scalper Algorithm”. I should, barring any last minute delays, have it ready by Sunday afternoon or evening. I have already placed [for free download at ] the link on the blog so you can download and install the MQ4 file. Alternatively, you can always email me at and I will send it to you.

The manual will show you everything you need for success in short-term trading.

These last couple of days I have not traded because I have been working on this file. I think it is more important for you to have this information than me making money and you trying to figure out how I did it.

When trading resumes on Monday, I will be using C2 for the “Long Term –vegas Big Bang Algorithm” in GBPAUD, and I will be using the new “-vegas Scalper Algorithm” for trading in either GBPJPY or EURAUD. I will keep a running tally of the scalper algo results on the blog, with end of month copies of all trades in the account for those that want to verify the results.

Hopefully, within the next few days, I’ll also have information about Assets FX accounts that can mirror my trades automatically when I trade.

Have a great day everyone.


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