Sunday, January 19, 2014


                                  Your Boat Is Ready To Set Sail

Over in the downloads section, you can now download the “-vegas Scalper Algorithm” PDF manual along with the Scalper Algorithm MQ4 file. I have tried to be as brief and to the point as possible without leaving anything of great importance out. The PDF is 19 pages, easy to read and ultimately implement.

I think most of you will find this style of trading most accommodating to your personality, risk tolerance, and time management.

I firmly believe the “Long Term –vegas Big Bang Algorithm” is one of our teams most important trading accomplishments in the last few years, and that the algorithm 5M candlestick chart overlay really predicts the moves accurately. However, it is difficult for most people to implement due to time management issues; it seems like every time you turn your attention to life [and leave your computer] the train leaves the station and leaves you standing at the platform.

As I stated in my last post, fractal time compression issues [that I firmly believe are in place] have plagued me since late summer with the Scalper Algorithm. Those are now solved, and the new MQ4 file reflects those changes. In essence, the new “-vegas Scalper Algorithm” is in sync with the Long Term Algo 5M chart plum and yellow lines, respectively, only in a different, shorter, scalper time frame [1M].

The margin of error in the new visual MQ4 file is less than + or - 2% [at worst], which I find totally acceptable [not even 1/10 of a pip] for our trading purposes. The aqua and red lines have also been reconfigured along the fractal time compression equations I developed. As a result, they are “leaps and bounds” more accurate than the older version.

Total everything up and the Scalper Algorithm can stand alone right up there with the Long Term Algorithm and make money consistently.

The big advantage for you as a trader, and someone who has dreams of finally escaping the “pudding business”, and by proxy government and corporate tyranny, is that it doesn’t matter when you come to trade. Pick the hours to trade that are advantageous to you and your life. Seriously, how cool is this?

                                    Newbies, The Battlefield Awaits

The only thing that I am waiting on is to talk again with Assets FX about having accounts mirror my trades; that should be resolved in the next few days. 

The 2 necessary files [MQ4 and PDF] for the “-vegas Scalper Algorithm” are available for free download here on the blog site in the download section from [simply click and follow the link]. Alternatively, if you find this too much of a hassle, simply email me at the address below and I will send them to you.

As with everything I publish, I support the algorithm whole-heartedly and will answer any questions / comments you have via email. Simply email me at and I will reply as soon as I can. Thanks for your support.

Have a great day everyone.


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