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                     I Got To Take This Trading Signal From -vegas

As I stated last post, C2 is really for those who need managed accounts and to provide a third-party verifiable track record for the Forex community. With over 71,000 members it gives us some exposure to those who don’t even know the blog site is up and running.

Of course, you can sign up, choose not to auto-trade and get the signals sent to you via email or SMS text message, but you have to pay C2 the fees first.

Since my intention is NEVER to get deep into anybody’s back pocket, today we start our Twitter feed at no cost; for you President Goebbels voters that means you don’t need your EBT card to get algorithm signals.

Our handle on Twitter is


Sign up is free, and you decide how you want the signals sent to you.

Whenever I make a trade at C2, I will immediately send a Twitter post; the lag time shouldn’t be more than a second or two. I will predominately use the “Long Term –vegas Big Bang Algorithm” for trades in the non-dollar crosses. Most of the time, I’ll be trading one [or all] of the following pairs; GBPAUD, EURAUD, and/or GBPJPY.

If I decide to move to the “-vegas Scalper Algorithm”, most likely I will trade EURJPY, AUDUSD, and the crosses listed above [maybe, if the spread allows it]. At present, I don’t know if much of my trading will be scalper oriented; we’ll have to wait and see what volatility is like after the Holiday’s.

In addition to the trade signals, I’ll also send out tweets with commentary on anything relating to Forex I think is [or might be] interesting to my followers. When you read this, we’re already live on Twitter, so I may Tweet at anytime.

All of my “Long Term VBB” trades will be captured by C2, and anyone has the ability to track [after a trade is closed] all of the account equity moves plus pertinent trading statistics many traders like to see about fund managers.

So, you now have the full picture of what we [Vegas Team S.A.] are doing. To recap, 1) you got 2 algorithms [Scalper & Long Term] to trade Forex pairs, 2) C2 to provide managed accounts utilizing auto-trade for those who absolutely need them, 3) C2 to provide a third-party, verifiable track record [using the algorithms solely] for the trading community that the public can view, and 4) a Twitter feed from me for those that want trade signals in real time for free.

Now, I know a lot of you people out there are tech savvy; but I also know many of you aren’t. Twitter is easy to use and easy to follow other people’s tweets. Simply go to and sign up for a free account. Once you do that, go to and download the very best Twitter app out there for managing your followers and the people you follow. Don’t let your tech stupidity prevent you from receiving my signals.

When you get TweetDeck up and running, the forum I will be posting in the majority of the time is #forex [hashtag forex]. I’ll also post on #EUR, #GBP, #AUD, and #JPY when those pairs are in any of my trades. For example, if I make a trade in GBPAUD, I’ll post to the forums #forex, #GBP, and #AUD. If I just have comments, it’ll be in the #forex forum.

Naturally, I hope everyone who reads the blog post signs up and receives my posts. You have nothing to lose here by following. Nobody but me makes a post [i.e. no staff], and since I have to sleep and do other things [known as a life], and can’t be at my computer screen 24/5, cut me some slack here for missing some algorithm signals. I’m not going to catch them all in any of the pairs.

                              Leave Some Time For Trading, OK?

So, when you’re trading [laying around in your Man Cave wearing your Spiderman jammies watching “I Hate My Butt” on DirecTV – well, let’s not really go there] and you see a trading signal in GBPJPY or GBPAUD on your computer screen [because you have the proper MQ4 file installed on the MT4 trading platform] and you don’t get a Tweet from me, the conclusion is simple – I’m not trading at the moment.

Especially for you Newbies out there, and I know there are tons of you, I hope following my signals gives you some confidence to trade. First start on a demo, and then later give real trading your efforts when you are comfortable.

I know I will get some emails from some people asking me why I am doing this; giving away valuable trade signals for free when I could charge out the wazoo, so I’m gonna answer that question now.

Nobody knows more than me how hard it is to learn how to trade. I was fortunate in that I had a truly great man [Bert] give me tons of guidance; without him only God knows where I would be. I certainly wouldn’t have the life I enjoy.

I do this for 2 main reasons; 1) to give Newbies a fighting chance in a predatory industry that most of the time only wants their money and then disappears, and 2) to honor Bert the man, and give people a slight taste of being on the other end of giving. I know in my heart that Bert would want it this way. If he were alive today to see this, I think he would say to me, “Good job kid, good job”, give me a wink and then walk away satisfied.

No matter how much money I make trading; no matter how many books I write; Bert always was, is, and will forever be the “master”, and I the “grasshopper”. It simply is not in my heart or soul to charge for help I can give to another aspiring trader; this will always be so.

One last thing; there are a lot of algorithms [systems, models, whatever you want to call them] to choose from at C2. I don’t know how long it will take, but I’m confident we’ll be at the top of the list sooner rather than later.

Next post I will have our C2 details. Until then, have a great day everyone.


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