Monday, December 23, 2013


                                 There Are NO Limits To Success

The –vegas algorithms are now ready to trade at Collective2. The fund I have set up is called The Vegas Algos. It is listed under the Forex systems and can be found easily using the search option; simply enter The Vegas Algos.

I have a new link on the top right side of the blog site linking you to C2; this is the homepage for login. In order to view the track record of The Vegas Algos, as well as any of the other 22,000 trading models, you have to sign up for a free demo broker account.

Now, I know some of you will roll your eyes and groan because you would rather just go to the results page and then leave, but really this is a great service C2 provides free of charge. You simply give them a name and email address [then verify the email address], pick the size of your demo account, and then you get play money to follow any number of the system models in the system [about 22,000]; forex, stocks, options, futures, and ETF’s.  I mean seriously, have some fun with this.

Some day you may want to subscribe, not only to The Vegas Algos, but some of the stock, options, futures, or ETF systems on the system. So, look around and play with this like a new Christmas toy for adults.

The Vegas Algos at C2 has a starting capitalization of $25,000. I’ll trade this with leverage anywhere from about 5X to no more than 20X depending on market circumstances. To be a part of this fund with real money, clients pay $20/month [collected by C2] and there is a 90 day free trial. I’ll be trading predominantly the AUD & JPY crosses with the “Long Term –vegas Big Bang Algorithm” and may trade the “-vegas Scalper Algorithm” if market circumstances warrant.

As I stated on my last post, if you just want the trading signals, sign up for free at Twitter and receive the signals via @VegasAlgos. But if you would like to know what is happening in the trader universe, sign up for free at C2 and follow everything you desire. There is no downside here for you and a lot of exposure to the trading community.

With this last piece of the “puzzle” completed by us [Vegas Team, S.A.], you now have complete flexibility for your trading; whether veteran or complete Newbie. I’ve tried to make everything user friendly and the lowest cost possible, with a verifiable third party overseeing our results.

Everybody on the team is eagerly looking forward to 2014, and I can tell you from me, nobody is more excited about our new format than me. I’m looking forward to “hitting the ball out of the park.”

Have a great day everyone.


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  1. No sign up is required to view the systems at Collective2 if you use the side door (although sign up is necessary in order to subscribe to a system).

    For the "lurkers" who don't want to sign up, the side door is here:

    The system search box is in the upper right hand corner (search can be by system name, developer first name, or developer last name).