Monday, October 21, 2013


                                    It’s Been One Of Those Days

I’m sitting there minding my own beeswax at 1 A.M. Monday morning, when all of a sudden my internet goes out. Not at 2  minutes to 1 or 2 minutes after, but right at 1 A.M. sharp. No prob, I call the cable company CS 24/7 line and am informed that internet service will be unavailable until 6 A.M. for maintenance.

Again, no prob as I have backup satellite service [I think] for just-in-case scenarios. So sorry, you have not used the service for over a year so we cancelled your service; your ID number and password are invalid. So, I talk with some guy in tech support that tells me I have to wait until 7 A.M. when CS opens and I can renew my service [not gonna happen].

Up ‘till now I have refused to go high-tech with my cell phone; I have phone service, but no internet. Now, the Mrs. has an i-phone with all the gizmos and worldwide internet, but if I wake her up I’m gonna catch it.

[Flashback to the end of September when me, the Mrs., and the entire staff are finally on our way home after a 5 day delay from a tropical storm and we are all sitting on the plane awaiting takeoff.]

Me: “Honey, let me check the market for a sec.”
The Mrs.: “Not a chance; nobody touches my i-phone. I’ve told you a million times to get a smartphone and get the apps you want and need for business.”

OK, so that option is out the door unless I had a position on and actual money was at risk. But I don’t have any position [s] on so it is purely opportunity; if I wake her I’m toast.

When I finally get internet back crude has broken over a buck, I got no short positions via the algo, and even the dog doesn’t want to be near me in case it is contagious.

If this had happened during my floor days, the veins in my neck would have come right through my skin and exploded.

After thinking about things for a few moments, I decided everybody needed a technology upgrade and so The Mrs., the entire staff, and yours truly headed off to pick out the best Verizon Worldwide plans, new smartphones with all the gizmos, and then seafood for lunch.

This ain’t ever happening again [so, we might as well turn the lemons in for chocolate]!

In the afternoon I got an interesting email from a reader [and algo follower] who wrote me to express his eternal happiness and thanks for developing the algo. Seems he caught the move in the early A.M. and was ecstatic with joy. I have to admit, this picked me up a little.

A few minutes later I got a message from The Mrs.:

 I’m sorry, I’m having a hard time keeping from laughing; I think I’m back to normal now.

Have a great day everyone, and pay no attention to what the universe sometimes does to you.


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