Sunday, October 20, 2013


                                            Life In Amerika

If you are relatively young, maybe your ice cube is a little bigger than the old folks, but it doesn’t mean your financial survival is any more secure. Every demographic in Chalky’s Amerika faces a very difficult road ahead and it is going to get much worse than it is now.

Older Amerikans who have played by the rules their entire lives, who have saved money for their later years, wake up each day to the criminal enterprise known as The Fed. They have no place to safely place their funds because interest rates are near zero. If this describes you, your government has sacrificed your life’s work for a socialized national debt that pays little interest so they can subsidize their “takers” voter base at your expense. You are forced to search for yield in an environment you know very little about.

Young people, who were totally lied to about college and sold a defective and corrupt educational system bill of goods, face no job prospects upon graduation and staggering student loan debt that will keep them indentured government slaves for most of their adult lives. It’s great to live in Mom and Dad’s basement isn’t it?

And just wait until Chalky’s Soviet style medicine hits in the weeks to come; how do you live any kind of life with high taxes [federal, state, and maybe even local], FICA [the ponzi scheme known as Social Security], sky high health premiums and deductibles, rent, food, and car payment [because how can you afford to pay cash for a $40k car]?

“Ummmm ….. excuse me …..  where’s the disposable income for a life and a future?”

Do you believe in magic or math?

For all of you who think you can achieve your goals and dreams through your labor, I’ve got bad news for you; it ain’t gonna happen. There aren’t enough hours in a day, week, or month to come even close. Choose to believe me or not, but your entire life has been an exercise [by government and big corporations] to train you as a worker bee. 

Money lives one way, you live the other way. [Guess who lives better?]

If you treat trading as an entrepreneurial business, there is no reason you can’t escape the tyranny of government and corporate Amerika. There simply is no other business venture that comes even close to funding your dreams of a FREE, secure, and better financial future; I could literally spend the next 6 months posting all the advantages. The disadvantages; sorry, I don’t see any.

However, you do need to master 2 extremely important items; 1) a money making algorithm, and 2) a business structure that makes you invisible and immune from government and lawyers.

                               The World’s Smartest Businessman

This past week saw WTI Crude Oil post numbers that put the week in “tail risk” territory. Six months from now somebody will look at the weekly candlestick charts and say about last week, “kind of a small spindle here, it must have been a loser week”. No, it wasn’t.

While you probably wouldn’t have achieved your goal of 200+ pips for the week, if you followed the algorithm, you would most likely have made in excess of 100 pips for the week before it ended on Friday. And yes, there are a few weeks that take trading into Friday; not every week can be a 3 day workweek.

But my point here is that even with a “tail risk” week [6% of all trading weeks], where 94% of the time it doesn’t happen, the algorithm still made you money. You literally have to have a small spindle where the high value for the week is below 80 pips for the probability of loss to grow. And how often has that happened in the last 8 years? NONE. ZIP. ZERO. NADA.

The one question I got all through September, when I had some speaking engagements, was, “How much do I need in an account to make a decent living from this”?

On average, you will need a minimum of $3,000 in your account to make about $1,000 per week. Obviously, if you can deposit more that is better and gives you more breathing room. Now, I don’t pull this number out of thin air; it is supported by the historical data.

So, the first item I got covered for you either through your OWN trading AND/OR via Replitrader at Forex-Metal.

I’m not here to give tax and/or estate planning advice. Everybody is different and has different objectives and risk tolerance. There are literally thousands of places you can incorporate offshore and use IBC’s [International Business Company], Trusts, and PIF’s [Private Interest Foundations] to your advantage.

The current Treasury Secretary of the U.S. [Jack Lew] has “offshore entities” [he has reported on his government disclosure documents] in the Cayman Islands. So, for you uninformed socialists, who think this is somehow illegal or immoral, guess again. If it’s good enough for government officials who have money, then somebody explain to me how it’s not for you [chirp…. chirp ….. chirp].

I would encourage all of you to do internet research [through the Hide My Ass proxy of course] and check out the offshore links I have on this blogsite. One way or another, you’ll find what’s right for you and your family.

So, the second item I have you pointed in the right direction.

You can either stay in the “pudding business” or do something about it. So you can make intelligent decisions, if you have questions or concerns about trading [or the algo], I encourage you to contact me via email at and tell me what’s on your mind. I reply to each email I get [as fast as I can] and respond honestly to what you tell me.

Have a great day everyone.


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