Wednesday, September 25, 2013


                                         Go Grab The Money

I’ve got all the data I need; my trusted staff burning the midnight oil to get the job done per my instructions. It’s now a matter of me putting it together in a file and making it available to you. I will try and get it released in the next couple of days, but it might be as long as a week. I’ve got a lot of information to show you.

This new file will be the “-vegas Big Bang Algorithm” utilizing a longer time frame than the original file in “-vegas For Life”. You can use this algo to trade any Forex pair or CFD's. I specifically lay out 2 trading instruments that offer the very best probabilities for profit and have done so for many years.

In the file, I will go into detail on one of these that I believe is the very best instrument you can trade and make money. The probabilities for profit should make your eyes water and the hair on your arms stand up.

Since we are utilizing a longer time frame for analysis, you can come to the market on your own time terms and trade with confidence. Obviously though the more time you are in front of your computer the better your results will be. The original algo pretty much requires you to be there at the open and act accordingly.

Now, I realize that some of you are resistant to change, or have your favorite pair to trade, and that even getting you to look at something besides EURUSD, or some exotic cross like South African Rand / Mexican Peso, is going to require me to open your eyes.

I know many of you are absolutely hungry for a way to make money in the marketplace, and that you have searched and searched, spent money on worthless crap, and are seriously skeptical that anything can help you. As I have said before, don’t trust me; take the time to look at the file and judge for yourself. The original algo will make you money; for many of you this longer time frame will be [for whatever reason] a better alternative.

But seriously, WHY ARE WE HERE?

I’ll trade dirt futures if that’s the place to be because for me IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY. I want to make the most money, in the shortest time possible, with the highest probabilities for success that are in a liquid marketplace.

If you can follow directions [which is a big if], it is damn near impossible to lose money over time in the 2 instruments I highlight in this new file.

Ultimately, it’s up to you. Open an FX Replitrader account with Forex-Metal [no fees] or do it yourself; the choice is yours. But don’t sit there and do nothing; because if that is your choice, your eyes may be open, but they are in reality shut.

Have a good day everyone.


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