Sunday, April 28, 2013

Every Dog Has His Day

Well, it had to happen someday: no I don't mean gold getting taken to the proverbial woodshed, but my computer systems all failing on the same day. Everything got trashed; all my pics, files, etc. Time to move to the cloud. I have seen the last of Windows and Microsoft.

I will be back up soon with the binary option algorithm, but I need a little time to get back to normal. I lost a lot of stuff, and I am in the process of trying to recover some important  files that right now look to be lost.

In the meantime, the binary option algo is performing very well. I will have it available soon.

Have a good day everyone.


1 comment:

  1. Vegas, can you comment back?

    Remember Mike? Young trader we talked about algorithm a ton in email.

    I have created my own robot (with help of others) for trading FX. Performs beautifully with 300%+ per year (10% per month compounded) with a max drawdown of around 5%.

    I still do my own day trading but I am very patient and only pick a few trades a day, then I walk!

    As you told me that Bert once said to you, most traders will give back their winnings if they attempt to make more on the same day. And its so true.

    That's why I just have an account that makes ONE trade per day, then I have an account that is allowed to take ONE LOSS per day... then of course I have my EA account which trades 24/7 with very minimal leverage but gains 50-100 pips a day.

    I have realized that this is what everyone does. They churn rebates using scalping algorithms. It's the most profitable thing Ive ever seen... plus yields 10% or more per month (with around 500 trades taken, lots of rebates as well)

    E-mail me sometime if you feel like, would be great to get back in touch. Especially since I do have some questions for you.....

    Email me at

    Thanks Vegas, hope things turn around for you soon...

    Also, we need to talk about the original algorithm. I have discovered some absolutely incredible FACTS about it. I still use it for my entries but no where near in the way I used it before. After watching the moving averages long enough, its like cheating. It's so easy to know whats going to happen next..