Saturday, March 9, 2013


  End Times 

OK, so I’m a little late getting to 2013. Last time I looked, it was August. Now I know some of you probably think I’ve been lolly-gagging around the pool somewhere taking in the sights; but no, I have been hard at work putting together a new trading paradigm for gold, stock indices, oil and currency pairs.

In the weeks ahead, I’m going to introduce a new and very powerful trading algorithm for BINARY OPTIONS. Accounts are easy to open, trade and require very little capital [couple hundred bucks at most places] to get up and going. Trading options [binary or otherwise] is legal for US citizens, so no worries about FrankenDodd for those of you in Chalky’s Peoples Republic. [As for the drones strikes on you when you start to make money, you are on your own.]

My goal here is a win/loss ratio of 80% or better. For those of you who voted for Chalky as Preezy last November, that means 4 wins 1 loss for every 5 attempts [bets].

Natch, it’s free to the trading public [*.mq4 file for the MT4 trading platform and a *.pdf manual.]. At present, I’m working on the manual and it should be finished in the next week or two. I’ll post the download link on this website when it becomes available.

Now, for those of you that are unfamiliar with these derivative instruments, in a nutshell they are straight bets with the brokerage house/bank that last anywhere from 60 seconds to a few hours and then they expire. Bet what you want – win upwards of 80% of what you bet if you are right – lose 85% or more of your bet [but never more than what you bet] if you are wrong. Very simple, very straightforward; Keep It Simple Stupid [KISS].

A very straight-up and simple approach for rigged and manipulated FED, BOJ, and ECB markets. And that pretty much sums up every financial market traded today. Traditional and/or historical trading paradigm algorithms, in traditional financial markets are becoming obsolete; sooner or later they will whack your account if you are still trading like it’s 1999.

I’ll offer commentary here, and where I think the opportunities lie in the various markets. To my knowledge, nobody is doing this, which makes me want to do it.

I can manage risk much better trading binary options. I’ll provide details in the days and weeks ahead.

Have a good day everyone, and it’s good to be back.



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