Tuesday, November 6, 2012


                     Just Watch How Bad The Next 4 Years Will Be

The have-nots have spoken; they want your money, property, and eventually your freedom. Now that Chalky has been re-elected by a dumbed-down Amerikan electorate, you have a matter of months to get your affairs [read money] in order and out of the country.

What this election means is simple; Amerika as it has been known is over. Socialism, class warfare, etc. is the meme of the day, and your money and freedom are at severe risk. Rising taxes, capital controls, and your loss of personal freedom are right around the corner.

I don’t know how much more blunt I have to be; get your money out of the US and get yourself as much precious metals as you can; then find a way to go “off the grid”. If possible, leave Amerika for greener pastures; it ain’t your father’s country anymore. Amerika is filled with parasites, free-loaders, and those that demand what you make and earn; now above 50% for the first time in history.

Go ahead and ignore my warnings at your peril; like Jews in Germany circa 1930, many of you will scoff at the handwriting on the wall. Your delusion doesn’t change the truth.

In the weeks and months ahead, the producers in society will disappear. Anybody with any productive brains is already making plans to leave; the engine of world growth known as the US is over. Unemployment will rise, the deficits will skyrocket, taxes will stifle growth for the foreseeable future, and precious metal prices will go orbital at some point.

This is a very sad day for personal freedom. Welcome to permanent misery Amerika; you get what you deserve.



  1. ive had one hell of a time getting a hold of you

    email me at please vegas

    we need to catch up... or do you even trade anymore?

    also wanted to talk about this blog post here


  2. I love the smell of exploding Reichwing heads in the morning. The very best thing about this election is watching the greedier folks shit their pants. You all should be glad, welfare for the rich will continue, though not as big as it would have been under Romney. And I want to remind you that not everybody votes according to what is best for YOUR financial position, there are a hundred critical factors and social decisions to be taken before casting a vote, but the GOP made it so easy this time by running Mittens, every single time he has been in charge of something there has been criminality and scandal, just look up the Salt Lake City Olympic drive to get the games to Utah. Oh well, I am deleting my bookmarks for sites run by reactionary pigs that think their checkbook is more important than my civil rights. Maybe one day America will try capitalism rather than the neocon cronyism of the right, till then so long and enjoy paying your fair share for a change.

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