Monday, February 27, 2012


                                     Mrs. Wannabe Trades Gold

Well, to be sure, it didn’t. What we need is Dirty Harry on the case to find out who kidnapped volatility. My guess is he could look right straight at the biggest gold and silver manipulators in the business; JPM and HSBC.

Since they can borrow infinite amounts of money from “Weimar Ben” at basically 0% interest, selling paper gold all day, every day, has been a popular thesis for them for years. Only when they get into trouble and need to actually find the physical stuff to deliver at the place where customer money gets stolen "joke of an exchange" known as the COMEX, do interesting things start to happen in the marketplace.

In a normal bull market, early breaks can be bought and late breaks you have to leave alone. Then on new highs, you have to be the seller.

I know a lot of you were disappointed in gold’s performance today, especially after it climbed out of the whole and made a new high for the day, only to rapidly drop off from there. I’m thinking you can thank JPM for that.

Not much to say about a market that has more $4 candlestick spikes & drops than sugar pops in your cereal bowl, all the while going pretty much nowhere.

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