Friday, January 6, 2012

Trading In A Police State

              How’s That Hopey Changey Crap Workin’ For Everyone?

Looking back from the future, I firmly believe 2012 will be looked at as “the transitional year” individual freedoms were lost by American citizens.

If Barry Soetero wins reelection, there is absolutely no hope the America you once knew will ever recover. What he would do in a second term is frightening to ponder. He already has shredded the constitution and now has the power to detain indefinitely, in jail without due process, any American citizen he sees fit. This is what you would expect from a dictator in a Police State like North Korea or Venezuela. Welcome to life in 21st century Amerika. All for "your protection" don't-cha-know.

                                           Live Your Dream

I have long held true to the philosophy that “it is better to be 10 years too early than 1 day too late.” This may well be the last year you have a chance to put your affairs in order before Soetero and his thugs come after your money with a vengeance.

I present as evidence simple mathematics. Amerika has just crossed the threshold of 100% Debt to GDP ratio. NO COUNTRY IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD HAS EVER RECOVERED AND PROSPERED FROM THIS LEVEL.


What this means for you, dear trader, is that your money [in the not to distant future] isn’t going to be your money anymore. It is going to be confiscated through taxation and fairness. Right now, you can do something about it.

On this webpage are links to get you started. I have listed four very prestigious offshore law firms that can help you on your journey to not only safeguard your money against government theft, but also protect you and your family from those that seek to do you harm. There simply is no downside to doing this for your loved ones.

For those of you who sit on your hands and do nothing, I feel sorry for you. Your confidence that “it can’t happen here” is misguided. Already, right in front of your eyes, we have socialized medicine coming, and now the elimination of due process.

Please tell me anything more important in the constitution of The United States than the right of due process? 

Today’s Action & Weekly Wrap Up

Yesterday’s trading was strange in more ways than one. The algorithm came into the day in “buy mode” then went to “neutral mode” and then back to “buy mode” all within 24 hours. From the start of today’s session at Midnight [Chicago time] we were in “buy mode”.

Our first signal came at 2:10 AM [Chicago time] at 1622.00. Stop on this trade was placed at 1618.90, just a little above the recent immediate low of 1618.08. Hour after hour went by, and by 7:00 AM [Chicago time] absolutely nothing had happened in either volatility or price to get gold to move more than a buck or two from the algo entry point.

Today is NFP [Non Farm Payrolls] day, and that report comes out at 7:30 AM [Chicago time] on the first Friday of every month. Traditionally, this report always moves the markets in some direction, sometimes violently, sometimes with a whimper. It has always been, and always will be something I’m not willing to sit through a position with and get whipsawed by dealers looking for stops. I don’t trade in a casino environment.

Therefore, I emailed all algorithm traders and let them know that I was exiting my position and getting flat into the report. If they choose to stay in with a long position, then that is their personal decision and they can live with the potential consequences.

So, I liquidated the long position at a little above 1622 for basically a scratch trade. Nothing really gained here, so the gain on the trade was $ 0.00 / oz.

After the NFP report came out, dealers took out stops on both sides within minutes and the market basically started its Friday drift early in the US session. I emailed everyone and let them know that, as far as I was concerned, it’s Friday and I have no intention of getting stuck in dull, stop-hunting action with volatility subdued and little chance of a sustained gain to take advantage.

As I stated yesterday, this is not cherry-picking signals. Rather, it is a risk/reward decision that has nothing to do with the gold market. Gold [or any market for that matter] doesn't care about your risk/reward parameters.

So we ended the day with a gain of $ 0.00 / oz.

Weekly Wrap Up

Monday           $ 0.00 [Market closed New Years Holiday]
            Tuesday           $ 7.00 [Rounding Down from 7.50 to 7.00]
            Wednesday      $ 4.00
            Thursday          $ 0.00
            Friday              $ 0.00        

Total For Week            $ 11.00

Running Total Since November 1, 2011

November 1, 2011 – December 31, 2011        $ 306.00
1/01/2012 – 1/06/2012                                    $   11.00

                                                Total                $317.00

Not a particularly great week, but it was shortened by the Holiday and was profitable nonetheless.

Have a greeeeeeaaaaaaaat weekend everyone!


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