Monday, January 9, 2012


                             This Is What Trading / Life Is About

I don’t care where you come from, what kind of education you have, how smart you think you are, whether you are a student or businessman, what color car you drive, what country you live in or were born, how tall you are, male or female, whether you have traded for years, or would consider yourself a complete newbie.

What I care about is your drive and determination. Your single focused determination to make you and your family’s lives better.

Is it there, or are you just a pretender?

I’m betting that if you are reading this, or have visited and read my other writings, you are serious about wanting to make money from trading.

For those new to my website, let me encapsulate the problem you face. For those who visit here often, let me re-motivate you as we head into 2012.

                                           Words To Live By

It’s a 2-headed dragon you are facing: 1) finding the right algorithm to trade, and 2) believing and following it.

To make a long story short, “The Vegas BFSG Algorithm” has the first problem nailed to the wall. Case. Closed. End. Of. Story.

The second part is why I offer personal support via email and skype [if you need it]. If you were training to be a surgeon, do you think it wise to just pick it up from the manual, or would it be best to have a trained surgeon next to you offering support? Yea, that’s what I thought.

More people than you possibly know trade my algorithm. Ask any of them what kind of results it produces and whether or not it is the real deal. Ask any of them what it costs them to do so, or whether there are any out of pocket costs after they start trading.

What you're going to find is that the only thing keeping you from the life you want is yourself.

I have added a new download [Vegas BFSG Algorithm Results] in the “file downloads section” of the website. In PDF, you can chart the algorithm success via 3 different leverage ratios [10X, 15X, and 20X]. If you had traded exactly as the algorithm suggested your results would be very similar. This file starts from November 1, 2011 and goes through January 6, 2012.

I plan on updating this at least every 2 weeks [maybe more often] so you can get an idea of what kind of leverage best suits you. I absolutely guarantee you will be SHOCKED at the results.

After you take a look at this file, you tell me if you want to just sit there and pretend, or if you want to do something about it. How determined are you?

Are there things and people more important in your life than yourself? For all the right reasons, I’m betting that there are.

Today’s Action & Wrap Up

We came into today’s action in “neutral mode”. Now, for those who are new to the algorithm, “neutral mode” means that there is equal probability of longs and shorts making or losing money. In other words, there is no preference.

Usually, when the algorithm is in “neutral mode” both up moves and down moves are short in duration and quick to reverse. Outside of the late move in the Asian session, into the start of trading in Europe, the market has been unusually quiet [low volatility] with basically trendless trading. Looking at the signals, without the main imperative directional indicator, all we are getting is chop-chop; exactly the kind of action the algorithm hopes to identify to keep you out of trouble.

With only a couple of hours left in our trade initiation window, there isn’t going to be any trades today while we are in “neutral mode”. So, $ 0.00 gain for the day. We’ll see what happens tomorrow at the start of trading.

Have a good day everyone.


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