Saturday, November 12, 2011


                                         It’s For The Children

Doing God’s work here on earth isn’t easy. It takes a special morally corrupt individual to go to work for a six digit salary, get no cost unlimited health care, not be responsible for your work product, get a pension worth millions of dollars, and then think you earned it, all the while bashing private enterprise for "greed".

Yeah, it's called AFCME, SEIU government work.

For us traders, I round up the primary alphabet soup list of government agencies and briefly describe how they interfere interact into your life.

CFTC = Criminals For Trading Commodities

Rogue traders and/or firms have nothing to fear from the most toothless government agency in existence. This place is nothing more than a repository for political appointees who “bundle” money for politicians. A day late and a dollar short should be there official motto.

SEC = Siesta Equities Commission

Has this agency ever prevented a securities fraud being perpetrated on the investing public? Of course not, but……..the GOA [General Accounting Office] after conducting an audit of the agency for Congress, found that most of the staff and administrative professionals loitering about the agency were busy at their office computers watching porn 6 hours a day. No wonder everybody out of college wants to work for the government.

NFA = National Frontrunners Association

This place is staffed with incompetents that couldn’t get hired at the CFTC. Every futures contract traded has a few pennies stolen taken out of your trade, for your protection of course. Absolutely worthless. Front-running orders, by brokers, are still a problem at the nation’s futures exchanges, but don’t look to this outfit to do anything about it. “There’s nothing to see here – please move along.”

                         How Dare You Forget To Send Us Money?

Run afoul of these apparatchiks and you’ll feel worse than a kid getting the business at school.

                        Ultimate Money

Liberals in general, governments, and those interested in controlling other people HATE gold. Why? Because gold is ultimate money and cannot be manipulated for social purposes. Gold cannot be corrupted or compromised by politicians seeking to debase wealth for the purpose of generating power through votes.

Gold doesn’t have “special accounting” issues, or need explaining to anyone. It is what it is: the ultimate store of value.

For trading purposes, governments and exchanges have been manipulating gold for decades. This is probably the biggest open secret in trading. What is important to realize, however, is that all their efforts to diminish the “barbarous relic” have failed miserably.

                              Understanding Government Logic

The latest unsuccessful effort is the Dodd – Frank financial regulations passed recently in the U.S. A little known section of this law is the outright ban of spot gold trading by U.S. brokerage houses for U.S. citizens. WHAT?

Of course, all this has done is make people move their trading accounts “offshore”, to more capital friendly jurisdictions, all the while costing the U.S. jobs and increasing capital flight.

Brilliant move fellas !! Just one of the many reasons I trade spot gold through HotForex. Of course, they happily accept U.S. clients.

In addition, HotForex offers extremely tight spreads, competitive STP [straight through processing] order flow through multiple dealer liquidity providers, and the ability to trade spot gold [XAUUSD] in 1 oz. increments with no commissions.

Add to this, greater flexibility for you the customer, by offering higher available leverage [max 500:1] than U.S. brokerage houses [max 50:1], easy online account opening, multiple funding options with segregated accounts for all monies on deposit, minimum account funding requirements of USD $5, online customer support, and last but certainly not least, being domiciled in the tax haven of Mauritius.

            Dilbert Q. Public financial plan
 I know where most of you are at financially, and it isn’t a pretty picture.

What I am suggesting to you is do something about it and start trading “The Vegas BFSG Algorithm”. I don’t know how to make it any easier for you other than just bring suitcases of cash directly to your house [don’t ask; ain’t. gonna. happen.].

Unlike what most of the public believes, you don’t need to be rich or have hundreds of thousands of dollars laying around to get started. Consider the following: 1) I’m giving you the algorithm for free, as in no dinero. You know; nada, zip, zilch, $0 ?????, 2) if you have to start small, HotForex will open your account for as little as USD $5. Don’t believe me? Then go here: and see for yourself, and 3) with computer trading technology today, there is no chance you can lose more than you have in your account.

You can open an account with HotForex through the link in the upper right hand corner of this website.

                           An Open Ended Reservation For You

It’s sitting there empty, waiting for you. What are you going to do about it?


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