Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Vegas Brain Laid Open

                                  Dilbert Q. Public Trades Gold

Yeah, I know you’re out there buying the highs and selling the lows. Market has you seeing things that aren’t there, and the 10% that makes money hopes you continue driving your trading car down the road using the rear view mirror. As you go off the cliff it's painless. It's only when you hit the bottom of the ravine that you got a problem. Minor detail really. Here’s the million dollar question: In your world does 2+2 = 3?

Guess what Bunkie? Making money using that trading book you bought at Barnes & Noble isn’t going to cut it. How many metals dealer’s and hedge fund managers do you think it takes to read your mind and mess with you?

“Gee vegas, does it evaaaaaaaaah work?”

Yeah, it works just enough to get you to use it, but not enough for you to make consistent money. You would have better results at roulette.

For those of you relatively new to the trading paradigm, I suggest you take an afternoon or evening and read “The Forex Newbie Blueprint: A Beginner’s Guide to Forex and Precious Metals”. Written by yours truly, it gives you some much needed perspective when you trade. Read how gold can be hijacked by special interests. Download [for free of course] at the link.

How about some vegas proprietary real time indicators nobody else has incorporated into a trading algorithm? Need to get in and out near the lows and highs? [Well, I do] Forget traditional technical analysis, unless you want to lose money [Well, I don’t].

Why am I bringing this up? “Cause while gold was all over the place with a $35 + range today, going in and out of your colon at least 6 times, the algorithm was very specific on a) the buy points, b) the exhaustion levels, c) the exits for profit, and d) most importantly, when to stay out and on the sidelines. We picked up another approximate $ 11 / oz. today.

Ka-Ching !!

STOP THE PRESS: Another In-Depth Vegas Interview

European Central Bank [ECB] President Jeff Spicolli 
“Jeff, nice to see you. Last time we hooked up, you were Assistant to the Head Sanitation Engineer for Water Closet Toxic Retrieval & Removal at Ridgemont High. What brings you to head up the ECB?

“Dude, weren’t you my gym teacher in ’87?

“Errr, no.

“Well, I applied online from the Tastee Freeze, and they hired me. Did you just see Mr. Hand?”

“Jeff, explain to my readers how you plan to get Europe, specifically Greece and Italy, out of the current fiscal problems they have, and what you plan to do?”

“Dude? There are Greeks and Italians? Where? Did you just see Mr.Hand walk by?”

“Jeff, what policies are you going to propose?”

“Dude? Policies? Why do I need car insurance?”

“What programs are you thinking about proposing to help Europe?”

“Dude. Promote and then sell sin and tax the hell out of it. Then print money on any piece of paper we can get our hands on. Is Mr. Hand here?”

Drug Rehab Worker:
“I got a large cheese pizza for a Spicolli. Spicolli?”

Well, there you have it. As usual, I get it right from the proverbial horse’s mouth. Not much left to the imagination as Europe looks to ramp up the printing presses and flood the world with mucho dinero.

Now, where could Spicolli have gotten that idea from?       

Have a great day everyone.


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