Thursday, November 10, 2011


                                         No, Not This Valkyrie

For those of you who live in the U.S and are currently registered in Barry Soetero’s indoctrination camps public university system, “Valkyrie” is not about Tom Cruise in the movie.

Please, A) resume your gay/lesbian/transgender studies, B) listen again to Ketchup’s interview about OWS on NPR for the umpteenth time so you can get your daily dose of why you exist, and C) don’t be late for your conflict resolution and anger management class at 2:45 P.M. today. As a reminder, don’t get angry when your teacher is late for class because he is at a fundraising event for “The One” and is in charge of beating protestors who have the “wrong attitude”.

                                               The Real Deal

In Norse legend, “Valkyrie” were messengers of the Gods, who hovered over the battlefield; silent and invisible to the mortals who were engaged in life and death battle below. These angels of war protected those who exhibited bravery, honor, courage, and skill when engaged in hand-to-hand combat. If you were so chosen, you lived to see another day.

For those who were cowards, showed no honor, and displayed a hesitant attitude when fighting it was simple: you died.

Today, this is known as “karma”.

                                         The Daily Commute
Back in the day when I commuted daily into Chicago from Geneva, catching the 5:55 A.M. express into the heart of the financial district, I would spend my time preparing for the trading day. I would look at charts, do some calculations, and get ready to do battle

                                The Trading Valkyrie Find vegas

About 5 months into my trading career, on a Friday in October of 1980, late in the gold trading day I lost about 70% of my account in 45 minutes. At the 46th minute I was somewhat indisposed.

For the next 6 months, I spent every waking minute off the trading floor doing research and putting my honor, courage, and trading skill back together.

“Valkyrie, I accept my humbling defeat. Let’s get on with it. What defeats me only makes me stronger or it kills me. I honor those who have come before me seeking truth and market knowledge. I will have the courage to follow my algorithm. Most importantly, my trading skill is my courage to follow the algorithm, NOT THE MARKET.”

For the rest of my floor career, I carried this message on an index card stuffed inside my trading jacket.

In March 1981, I was ready to trade my algorithm. It took me 3 months to actually trade the signals every day! Why? Because as it was giving a buy/sell signal I wouldn’t believe it. My guts were telling me to be on the other side.

It got so bad, on the 89th day [a Fibonacci number by the way] on the train coming in I said to myself if I didn’t trade the signals today I would go work for McDonald’s slinging burgers; at least there you could get something to eat.

“Valkyrie, strike me down if I am not worthy!!”

Living Rent-Free In Your Head

                       Dilbert Q. Public. This Is No Way to Trade

Without even knowing you personally, I can metaphorically see you sitting at your computer attempting to trade. Hint: this ain’t gonna get it done.

I have been where most of you are at right now. You’re confused, hesitant, skeptical, and afraid. Fear not, Valkyrie is busy with other traders not trading “The Vegas BFSG Algorithm”.

What Have You Done For Me Lately?

At the start of trading today, in the Asian session last night, the Algorithm entered “sell mode”; meaning we sell rallies instead of buying the break. The algorithm trades for the day NETTED OVER $ 36 / OZ.  on the sell signals. We almost bought the low of the day on exhaustion to cover short positions. As a percentage of the daily range, the algorithm predicted the low within 3%.

Have a good day everybody,


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