Thursday, November 24, 2011


           Skyline Cartagena, Colombia: A Late Afternoon Excursion

It is not only a time to reflect and give thanks, but more importantly it is a time to plan and move forward in your life.

One of my passions in life is sailing. For those of you who have never been sailing in the clear turquoise waters of the Caribbean, Central America, and South America, you have my sincere condolences. It is an expression of pure personal freedom.

                             Sailing The Colombian Out Islands

Unpretentious, non-developed, and a throwback to life 200 years ago, it doesn’t get much better than this when it comes to enjoying a day out on the sails.

                             Passing Another Colombian Island

Drop anchor and do a little exploring and snorkeling, followed by grilling seafood on the beach with your portable hibachi grill. Lunch anyone?

                                 Sailing The Martinique Coast

So breathtakingly beautiful, you almost cry every time you are in it. It never disappoints. When you are here, markets mean nothing; time means nothing; keeping thoughts in your head about anything other than the moment is almost impossible.

                    Off The Coast Of Panama: I Drive, Family Plays

It is all meaningless without God, family and friends in your life. No man should be an island. There is sooooooooo much waiting for you.

If you read my post from the other day, you know about the commuters into Chicago I used to run into on a daily basis on the train. I know some of you are exactly like them; i.e., you don’t think you can, or deserve, to trade and have a real life of personal freedom.

On this day, I emphatically stand up and say, “YOU ARE WRONG!!”

                        You Want This Joker Running Your Life?

When you decide to become a trader, what you are really saying is, “I’m tired of the status quo; I’m tired of listening to others telling me how to live my life; I want and desire personal freedom!”

                        Skeptic Cat Is Back!!
                        Funny What You See When You Look In The Mirror

Ok Skeptic Cat, I know you’re sitting there reading this with that Cheshire grin on your face. I know you better than you know yourself, and one thing I’m pretty sure of is that you know you have absolutely nothing to lose by getting off your furry tail, downloading the algorithm, and changing your life.

There is a “trader life”. First you commit yourself to the process of being a trader: the discipline and knowledge you need to be successful. I provide the knowledge [the algorithm], you provide the discipline to follow it.

Finally, you commit yourself to the implementation of gaining your personal freedom. Now, you can call yourself a professional trader.

No Trading Today

No trading today because of the Thanksgiving Holiday. However, I know you want to see one more pic.

                               Just Another Day In Paradise

Have a great day everybody.



  1. Thanks for the update. I was curious, can you give me a quick explanation of withdraw bonus and rescue bonus (for HotForex) and which one is the better option?

  2. Also was wondering how to pull up gold and silver on MT4, right now I can only find currencies.

  3. Go to www, and access chat online and ask one of the customer service reps about which option might be better for you. I don't want to tell you something and not have it be 100% correct.

    For MT4, go up to "File>New Chart>Gold" and setup. If you still can't access it, go to online chat at and ask what the problem is.

  4. Yeah only currencies show up. Maybe it is because I only have a demo account? This is Mike by the way.

  5. You should have everything on the demo. Get on chst with customer service and ask why gold and silver are not on the MT4 platform. I'm just guessing, but you may have to reinstall MT4.