Friday, November 25, 2011


                                      The Vaunted NYSE

 Today’s post is directly aimed at those of you that 1) own mutual funds, and 2) own and/or trade stocks. It can be either in individual accounts, joint accounts, and/or the various retirement account government ponzi schemes. Whether based in U.S. equities or stocks traded in Europe or Asia, it doesn’t make any difference.

                      If You Have Any Money Invested, This Is You

If you have any money invested, you face a real three-pronged attack against your wealth. If you haven’t felt the wrath of one, some, or all of these 3 arrows, you someday will.

                                      Barry Soetero’s Amerika

The U. S. Government is the single biggest threat to your wealth. Whether the IRS or through various regulatory agencies, get ready for the biggest power grab against wealth the world has ever seen if Fearless Leader is re-elected in 2012.

Think I’m nuts or just a tad off-the-wall? Consider that in 2008-2009, when head Dem Witch Pelosi was in charge of the House of Representatives, one of her cohorts from California [George Miller] actually proposed legislation to force IRA and 401(k)’s to buy U.S. Treasury notes and bonds, and sell equities.

Now, it went nowhere, but the fact that it was even brought up should be enough of an incentive to say, “Screw you, my money is outta here!”

Still want a retirement account?

                  Ministry of Truth: We Know What’s Best For You

State and local Municipalities also pose a significant threat to your wealth through an almost infinite web of regulatory agencies and tax departments. Mess with any of these and you can kiss your equity account and/or retirement account goodbye.

Consider that California residents who pick up and leave the state permanently, to retire anywhere else, still have to pay California state taxes on their retirement income, even though they no longer live in the socialist paradise of California!

Come back soon, we need the money!

Hi, You’ve Just Been Served By The Law Firm of Wei, Cheatum & Howe

Our litigious society makes filing a lawsuit against you very simple. Makes no difference if there is a legitimate reason to do so; you got money or the perception of money and you are the deep pocket. Now, fork over that trading account!

I’m sure you and the spouse can come to a peaceful and amicable agreement in the event of divorce. After all, there isn’t any emotion or enmity involved. What could possibly go wrong?

Get “Offshore” NOW Before It’s Too Late

Moving funds “offshore” [meaning outside the U.S. or your domicile if you are a citizen of some other country] is legal and a simple process.

If you think the U.S. is the paradigm of virtue when it comes to honesty, openness, and transparency for investors, please think again. Do the bankrupt firms MF Global and REFCO mean anything to you?

The fact is, your funds are safer and better protected somewhere else, all the while being out-of-the-grasp of those pesky arrows. HotForex is domiciled in Mauritius and is regulated by FSA [Europe]. All customer monies are segregated from the firms capital.

Anybody that has money in the United States is asking for their hard-earned money to either be stolen from them by crooked exchanges and trading firms, or confiscated by government in some way, shape, or form.

It’s better to be 10 years too early than 1 day late.

                                       Why, What’s The Point?

I’m assuming you buy mutual funds or stocks to make money. OK, I’ve got a much better way to accumulate wealth. One that is safer, cheaper, and more profitable for you, and you are still in stocks.

Most, if not all offshore banks and/or brokerage houses allow clients to trade the various world stock indices as CFD’s [Contracts For Difference]. Not in the U.S. though because they know what's best for all of us. What’s a CFD? In simple terms, it’s a bet you make with the bank and/or brokerage house on the direction of the Stock Index you want to trade. There are currently 12 stock indices that can be traded through HotForex.

But I’m more of a longer term trader, not looking to trade it every day.”

No problem, as “The Vegas BFSG Algorithm” has a longer term component to it that allows you to do this. I have calibrated ALL the stock indices that are currently offered on the MT4 trading platform. So, whether you want to invest in the Dow 30, S&P 500, Nasdaq 100, FTSE 100 (UK), DAX 30 (Germany), or any of the other countries, the algorithm has got you covered.

The key advantages here, which you DO NOT HAVE IN THE U.S., are as follows:
1)                  Sell and be short as easily as buy and be long (stock accounts),
2)                  No commissions,
3)                  Trade macro themes, not particular company specific news, and last but not least,
4)                  Leverage of 1:1 to as much as 20:1. That’s right, 5% margin if you want it.

                Who Is That Handsome Guy Trading S&P 500 Futures?

As many of you know, I have traded the Dow 30 and S&P 500 since their respective births onto the trading scene almost 30 years ago. I have argued repeatedly over the years, that it simply makes no sense to trade or own individual shares.

“The Vegas BFSG Algorithm” works extremely well in the stock indices [all of them]. Whether you are a short-term day-trader or a longer term investor, the algorithm can do sooooooooo much better [$$$$$] than what you are currently making from your stocks.

Whether you want to maintain cash levels [1:1 leverage] or get more aggressive [up to 20:1 leverage or 5% margin] is up to you. All the while, the algorithm is guiding you towards the profits you are seeking.

“How’s that buy-and-hold strategy in SPDR’s workin’ out for ya over the last 10 years?”

“The Vegas BFSG Algorithm” is free, what are you waiting for?

Today’s Action & Weekly Wrap Up

No trading today due to the shortened trading hours over the Thanksgiving Holiday. Gains for the week were approximately $ 11 / oz. For more detailed info, take a look at Wednesday’s post [11/23/2011].

Have a great day everybody.

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