Monday, November 7, 2011


                       Money For Nothing and the Chicks Are Free

So, you’re driving down the road minding your own beeswax, and out of the blue, you spot these guys picking up all kinds of cash off the road. Question is, do you stop and partake?

Ok, maybe you’re too school for cool, so you wait a few minutes to see if this is legit. A couple minutes passes, no cops or SWAT teams, and these guys just keep picking up money and throwing it in their cars. How long Dilbert, you gonna sit there before you open the door and get some for yourself?

                                             Livin' The Dream
I dunno, maybe your livin’ the dream in your mansion above. New shingles and the place triples in price. Hard to tell what goes through your head, but free cash sitting there?

Once again, the BFSG Algorithm turns in a stellar day, with gains over $30 per oz. How long you going to sit there and torture yourself before you download it and get trading the right way? Do I have to pick it up and then go over to your car and hand you some?

The news out of Europe this morning is hardly anything to cheer about. You think the U.S. has problems? I’m going out on a limb and make a prediction. Greece and Italy will reintroduce the Drachma and Lira, respectively, within 6 to 12 months. The Euro is finished and cannot be saved. Too much debt to deal with that has to be devalued. Expect gold price declines to be brief in time and shallow in price.

Today had a weird feel to it. It felt like accumulation by big money all night and into the A.M in New York. From there it just continued. Bids jumped quickly after short price corrections. If you waited too long, you paid up to get into the market. It just kept marching higher and, except for one $6 break, never came back.

As we go forward into 2012, if Barry Soetero looks like he is headed for reelection, there will be no stopping gold from heading into the ozone layer. His policies have practically destroyed the American way of life, and a second term would only see him be more liberal and destructive.

                                             Hope & Change
Start making money NOW and then getting it someplace safe where government can’t get its greedy hands on it. Trusting anything the U.S. government says is dangerous to your financial future. Think about it – then act and do something about it before you get screwed. You know, like opening an account with HotForex and trading the “Vegas BFSG Algorithm”.

Have a nice day everyone,


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