Friday, January 3, 2014


                                    The Right Trading Mindset

As if I need one more thing added to my proverbial plate, I’ve just found out that Assets FX has initiated a signal service for accounts held at the brokerage house; meaning of course that since I have a real account and make trades, anybody else that has an account at Assets FX can have my trades “copied” into their account. [When I asked about this very subject 3 weeks ago, nobody knew anything. Now all of a sudden it’s here; go figure.]

I don’t have all the details, and I need to talk with someone at the brokerage house about some issues that seem to plague these kinds of “services” everywhere you go. Since it is late Friday on the European continent, getting somebody now who knows anything about this is impossible. It’s Friday afternoon just after New Years Day; as you would expect, the “B” and/or “C” team is running things, and anything but the simplest of questions will have to wait until next week.

If I like what I see, then this would be a great compliment to what we have implemented. This doesn’t change anything at C2. With the added benefit of Assets FX, I still need C2 for 2 important services; 1) verifiable independent third party track record of the algorithm signals, and 2) a place for managed funds to go that might not wish to trade at Assets FX. For whatever the reason, everyone has different choices they can make that suits their individual style of trading.

If this works out, then I don’t know how we can get any more flexible in giving traders what they want from trading; every base will pretty much be covered.

From the information I was provided it is a straightforward enough proposition; I register my account and other accounts sign up for my trades. If I wish to charge for this I can, but like I said, I have questions about leverage, spreads, any brokerage house fees, etc. that need to be answered first. Ahh well, something to do next week besides trade.

When I have all the details, and can make an informed decision, I will of course let everyone know my plans and course of action. I want to be thorough and not have any surprises if we in fact do this.

I don’t see anything on the near-term, intermediate, or long-term horizon that should impact volatility in 2014 regarding the AUD and/or JPY crosses. With both Japan and China in flux [and make no mistake, whatever happens in China greatly affects AUD]; both pairs in the denominator of any of the crosses you choose; volatility should offer us many trading opportunities for profit over the coming year and beyond.

Both the Long-Term and Scalper algorithms will catch these moves when they happen; if it moves the algorithm will be on it like white on rice. If you haven’t done so already, I urge you to 1) install the proper MQ4 file onto the appropriate charts so you have the algorithms operational, and 2) spend some time scrolling back and looking at prior signals so you can see for yourself the power of the algorithms.

I stress again for you Newbies out there reading this; download the demo [Assets FX or any other place you choose] and make your first mistakes with play money. I don’t care who you are or what “pedigree” you think you belong; if you are new to this, you’re gonna make mistakes!

I fully realize that the longer I post, and the number of posts rise along with people visiting the site for the first time, that if you are new here it seems a daunting task to “get up to speed”. Not to worry; if you have any questions simply email me at and I will get to your post personally ASAP.

Most of the time I reply quickly to reader inquiries, but there are times when I get “blasted” and it might take a few days. Rest assured, I will take the time to respond to you personally. Only I answer emails; the staff [Chief of Staff Milton Waddums, -vegas Jr., and Cousin It] has enough to do with the stuff I give them.

I’m here to help you make money without reaching for your wallet. [Pocket change accepted of course.]

Have a great day everyone.


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