Thursday, December 5, 2013


                             Jimmy Gets Chosen For The Omelet

A few minutes ago I wrapped up the remaining pieces of the puzzle, and there is a plan in place to provide you with excellent choices going forward. Sure, a few eggs had to be sacrificed, but that’s what happens when you start out to make a great omelet [Errr, sorry about that Jimmy].

It’s been a rough last 5 days, and what made things more hectic is the fact that “anybody-who-is-anybody” is getting ready to bolt the FX scene for the Holidays; not to return until the start of 2014. I’ve had to skip trading in order to get things done because I wanted everything to be “wrapped up” by tomorrow. By next week, getting in touch [via phone, skype chat, or email] with anyone in charge at a brokerage house will be Mission Impossible.

There are basically 4 elements going forward that everyone needs to be aware of and understand; 1) where I and the staff will be trading [Assets FX] our personal accounts [Cousin It is actually opening a real account instead of a demo!!], 2) vendor service for those wishing me to trade their accounts along with third-party verification of results [Collective 2; there web address is ], free signals service via Twitter [available to anyone and everyone starting next week], and most importantly 4) the release of a scalping version of the “-vegas Big Bang Algorithm.

Over the next 4 posts, I am going to go into detail on each one of these, and attempt to explain exactly what it is [and why] we will be using these services. We’ve pretty much got the playing field covered, and there is something here for every type of account and style of trade. There are a couple of drawbacks [minor], but overall there are many more positives than there were before.

If you have been following the algorithm over the last few days [especially in GBPAUD], you know what a fantastic job it has done in 1) nailing the moves, and 2) pinpointing the exhaustion areas with uncanny accuracy. It’s doing what it is supposed to do; namely keep you out of trouble so you can make money.

Have a great day everyone, and I will start attacking the mountain of emails I have waiting for me tomorrow. Until then …….


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