Thursday, November 14, 2013


                                          Which One Is You?

For the longest time, clients of Vampire Squid [AKA Goldman Sachs] have been known as “muppets”; the people who get the best trading information from the wizards-of-smart analysts making 6 and 7 digit salaries and bonuses. The fact that “your buying” is met by “their selling” shouldn’t concern you; “are you gonna believe us or your lyin’ eyes?”

To the best of my knowledge, the top FX strategist over there [the infamous T. Stolper] hasn’t made a profitable FX trade in over 3 years. Yet, people keep shoveling their hard earned money to firms like this year after year; why?

You can’t begin to explain chaotic systems through logic and intuition. You need the people who live behind the curtain in Oz. Of course, all that comes at a heavy price as you are never going to achieve the results you expect.

Does Vampire Squid allow you to profit from their HFT [high frequency trading] operations? Their proprietary trading algorithms [along with JPM] make billions and the number of trading days they lose money in a year are in single digits. Do you get to piggyback this if you are a “muppet”? Where do you go to sign up for this?

                             Following Algorithms ARE HARD

Two points here worth making; 1) you are the one who is supposed to supply the money, not take it, and by default 2) they are the elite financial class destined by divine right to take your money.

What they know they can’t share with you, because you are too stupid to understand advanced math and chaotic systems. Once given their HFT's, how long would it take the average sheeple to come to the understanding of, “err hey, whadda we need these guys for anyway?”

There is a reason for every rule in my long term algorithm; to keep you out of trouble. Aside from the abject stupidity on my part that cost us about $10-$15 per OZ. on Tuesday, so far this week the algo has done a fantastic job of preventing you from making ill-conceived trades both long and short.

[Like the Yellen up-its-bullish no wait a minute its-bearish price action that got people whipsawed like a seesaw in the last 24 hours. Welcome to news trading.]

We will see if the market is able to break its range tomorrow [Friday] and give us any trading opportunities [I’m not optimistic, but we’ll see]. I know it is hard to sit and be patient; if it was easy and intuitive, everybody would be able to do this and make a fortune. They can’t, and that should tell you everything you need to know about trading.

Have a great day everyone.


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