Tuesday, November 26, 2013


                          New Official Motto of –vegas Team S.A.

I’m not going to bore you with the details; what’s the point? Fact is I was asleep when the market moved last night; woke up to trade and the market [GBPAUD] is sitting on the upper aqua line.

“*&$?#$% !!!” [This pretty much sums everything up.]

Both Monday and early today I took long positions, but they didn’t pan out in the chop. We got a couple of pips from the exercise, but really nothing to speak of from the trades.

Two points I want to make from the last couple of days; 1) no matter when you trade the market or which hours you choose to watch, there will be times you will miss algorithm signals. GBPAUD is a 24/5 market, and when it moves it doesn’t fool around; it can just as easily move in any of the 3 major trading sessions. Since you can’t be there for all 3 [Asian, European, and the U.S.] for the entire week, you are going to miss moves, and 2) the “Long Term –vegas Big Bang Algorithm” WORKS!!

However, what really frosts my cupcake is that my staff is out-performing me with their demo accounts VS. my real account. [If I lose to them by Christmas, I may have to buy them gifts and up their salaries to over $1.00 / hour. Ohhhhhhh, the humanity !!!]

I may never sleep again.

One point I want to make about those weeks where the special rule is in effect for trading [like this one]; we still make no trades in the “no mans land” zone of + to – 30 pips from the week’s open. That zone is there for a reason, and that reason is that market chop [I believe] is greater than in the greater market at large.

We may have a + or – 150 pips, as explained in a prior post, but that doesn’t mean the “no mans land” zone has been waived for that week; it hasn’t.

I am in the process of starting a new –vegas Replitrader webpage, and hope to have it operational by the end of this weekend. All of my trades [sometimes with comment] will be here, and more importantly I am going to archive every trading day with the 5M candlestick charts overlayed with the algorithm.

This will, over time, prove to be a very valuable resource for you, as you will be able to go straight to a particular day and see what happened without scrolling back on the MT4 trading platform. You Newbies out there will benefit from this the most, as trying to find 5M charts for something that happened 6 months ago is a real pain.

Of course, I’ll link the webpage here for your convenience. Have a great day everyone.


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