Monday, October 14, 2013


                                           Wannabe Nation

For those of you who are actively engaged in the “pudding” business, I really don’t know what else you want me to do. You now have the ability to either trade yourself or open an FX Replitrader account at Forex-Metal and let me do the trading [no fees] for you. You can either get in the game, or continue to sit there and pretend your life is on the track you want.

                                       Can’t Handle The Truth

For most of my adult life I have been told by intellectual types, university profs, and skeptic cats all over the world that I can’t exist. Nobody can do what you do because it’s not possible. Markets are random walk [modern portfolio theory says so] and so you can’t make this kind of money; something is “fishy” here and so I am skeptical.

[Flashback to the ‘80’s where the accountants are laughing at me behind my back; “This guy is gonna get his ass handed to him, and how much fun will it be to be there and document this train wreck?” Fast forward to the moment when they are literally on hands and knees begging me to stop making money because nobody will believe the audited results. “This isn’t possible man - it just isn’t!!!”]

Now, I’m not saying you should breeze through life like Forrest Gump, believing everything every nutjob tells you, and then discovering it just wasn’t so.

                               Who Knows Trust? Tony Montana

I don’t expect or want anybody to trust me and just take my word for the kind of gains you can expect trading using the long term –vegas Big Bang Algorithm. Everything you need for success is being given to you for free. You have eyes, and you have brains; use them and see for yourself. 

Download the demo and follow what I have taught; it’s free for cryin’ out loud. After you have proven to yourself that what I have said and given you is market gospel, commit funds to the market and improve your financial life.

Special Note:
I had planned on starting the Replitrader trading today, but events beyond my control force me to travel and take care of future business. Most of the U.S. trading session today, as well as Tuesday, will find me in a bunch of meetings before I return home.

I can either do this now, or in the future once trading has started. I know from experience, that once I start making you money, taking a week off will drive you up the wall.

The entire –vegas team has big plans for 2014, including our own You Tube channel as well as other business products and services that will enhance your financial future. That’s the purpose of my travel and I figure it is best to get this done now instead of waiting. For those who have signed up, thanks for your patience. For those who haven’t yet signed up, you have a few more days until Replitrader goes live.

Have a great day everyone.


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