Monday, October 7, 2013


                            If You Don’t Mind, It Doesn’t Matter

I can’t remember the exact date because it has been a very long time. I’m commuting into Chicago via the early express train and 99.99% of the time its smooth sailing. By the time I get off the train and hit the trading floor it’s about 20 minutes to the Swiss Franc futures open at 7:20 A.M.

Then suddenly one day the train slows down and stops about half way into the city. Everybody on the train starts to look around wondering what is happening and why we are stopping. The conductor comes into the train car about 90 seconds later and explains that a bicyclist has been hit by the train at a crossing and we are going to be delayed indefinitely until the body has been cleared and the police give the train permission to leave the scene.

Suddenly, another trader sitting down the aisle jumps up and screams something on the order of “I gotta get on the floor man; the guys a f***ing idiot and dead already; run him over, who gives a s**t, I gotta get on the floor”.

When it’s all over and we get moving in about 2 hours, I get to the floor and the move for the day is over – nothing left but scalp city until the close. I’m initially upset, but as another veteran trader tells me, “Relax man, opportunity is infinite”.

I will never, ever forget this incident; for a half of a day I lost my humanity.

I couldn’t help but think of this over the last 100 hours or so, as the tropical storm sweeping up from the Caribbean into the Southern U.S gulf states has played havoc with airline schedules and caused cancellations and mind numbing delays everywhere.

From my last speaking engagement for a while this past weekend, my staff and I were supposed to be home by Saturday night; it’s Monday morning and we are all still sitting in an airport harboring nefarious thoughts.

-vegas Jr. looks particularly upset this morning, so I ask him what’s up? “Aw man, I just hooked up to the airport internet and checked crude, and ….. and …. [he looks off in the distance as if pondering the what ifs] … man, it was a perfect move today and the algo just nailed it … and … and … were just sitting here playing with ourselves and the market is moving”.

Meanwhile, Chief of Staff Milton Waddums is wandering around the airport looking for his red stapler and mumbling something about burning the place down. After the Mrs. calmed him down a bit, he seems to have adopted the following:

                                            Whatever Works

I know how –vegas Jr. feels, yet he has to live through this to learn one of life’s important lessons. I can talk all I want, and it will do absolutely no good right now. Maybe when he reads this he will realize something vital in about 10 years from now.

When we are young we can’t wait for the future; when we are older we want the time back.

So, obviously I can’t start the week trading the Replitrader account like I wanted. Hopefully I can make it home by tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest. Sorry for the delay folks, we’ll be up and running as soon as I get home.

The Mrs. meanwhile is using her time to look for a new house on the internet and ask me every other 10 minutes if I like this place.

["Ummmm …. Honey? Does it matter if I like it?"]
[“No dear, but I’m just being nice”]

Lemons …… Chocolate ……. Lemons ……. Chocolate; time to get up and go get a Hersey bar at the newsstand.

Have a great day everyone.


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