Tuesday, September 10, 2013


                                        Absolutely Clueless

If there was any doubt before, it’s now official; Amerika is the butt of all jokes thanks to the “Hopey Changey” BS of one Chalky O-Bomb-A Soetero. The Syrians and Russians are playing him like a violin.

Seriously, between the present-day choom gang of Hillary, Kerry [IWIV], Biden, Reid, Pelosi, Rice, Power et al the chance of a serious thought solving any problem is lower than zero. All calculations are political with the sole goal of making Chalky look good. After all, Fearless Leader cannot fail or be made to look clueless.

 How’s that workin’ out?

Meanwhile, markets put a war premium in and then take it out.

Gold has some headwinds that bother me from a trading standpoint: 1) Fed tapering later this month or later this year, 2) continued Gobermint manipulation through JPM and the BIS [Bank of International Settlements], and 3) the continued effort of India to restrict imports.

The problem with gold is simple; when they “kill it” it comes quick and nasty and the stops get tortured with government WMD [free money to JPM]. From the 2nd quarter of 2012, the manipulations get bolder and the down moves more exaggerated as the Fed is determined to hold the price down and, more importantly, hurt spec retail accounts who dare to remain long.

Currency pairs continue to offer good trading opportunities, with the Yen crosses drawing the most interest. Given the long term demographic problems Japan faces, along with wild Government spending dreams, and the needs of the importers and exporters, the crosses should remain volatile well into the future.

Of course, we can expect some days of lousy action while large accounts plan their calendars, but overall volatility should remain above average this year and next at the least.

How do you profit from this?

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Have a good day everyone.


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