Monday, July 22, 2013


                                     Of Course I’m Organized

I’m almost done with one of the biggest projects I have undertaken in some time. I realized a few weeks ago that simply trading binary options, and ignoring spot Forex trading, might make you a one-trick pony.

The binary options algorithm is finished, and I am expanding the file to include the latest upgrade for Forex trading, The “-vegas Big Bang Algorithm”. In addition, there are other sections of the file that touch on important trading issues.

In sum, the entire file is going to be called “-vegas For Life”.

I care not your trading experience, or level of trading sophistication. Complete newbies can be up and running quickly. Those of you that have been trading will pick it up a little quicker, but what you will learn will change your life.

August is quickly approaching, where most of Europe and the U.S. will be on vacation. Trading volatility will most likely go down a notch, especially the last 2 weeks of the month into Labor Day weekend in the U.S.

This gives you a perfect time frame to research “-vegas For Life”. One of the most valuable aspects of the MT4 trading platform is the ability to go back in time via multiple time frames and see for yourself the power of both the binary options algo and the Forex algo respectively. If you don’t have the MT4 trading platform, I show you how to get the demo for free practice trading.

                                      The Ultimate Authority

Hey, don’t take my word for it. See for yourself. When the file becomes available, download it, read it, study it, critically think about it, get it up and running, and then implement it. When you feel comfortable trading real funds, then go for it.

Whether you want to become a professional trader or not, I’M GONNA MAKE YOU ONE. The only question will be when you make the switch.

                                Patient Bear Gets All The Honey

So, be patient while I get this behemoth finished: you will be amply rewarded. Look for the download between now and the first few days of August.

Have a good day everyone.


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