Friday, June 8, 2012


                                           World Economies

Hold your nose every weekend from here on out. You can absolutely count on the world’s top clowns to conference and decide something incredibly stupid to stink the joint up; the only thing we don’t know is which weekend it will occur.

That Greece and Spain are toast should be no surprise to anybody with a brain. At some point though, math brings everybody back to reality. We are at that point in time and history. Markets are not going to allow the Pols to kick the proverbial can down the road anymore with shady accounting gimmicks.

Of course, when the true SHTF comes, it won’t be during market hours; it will be over a weekend. Big money hedge funds [that are tied in politically], TBTF [to big to fail] banks, and politicians need the time to prepare the inevitable for the masses. When Spain goes bust, it will happen over a weekend; when Greece leaves the Euro, it will happen over a weekend. The carnage will simply be a blimp on the computer screens across the world come Monday morning.

Everything is fine, until it isn’t.

The real train wreck for the world, when it comes, will be here in Amerika; if Fearless Leader gets re-elected it will definitely happen in 2013 or 2014. If Romney gets elected, we may have some time as markets will cut him some slack; but if he turns out to be Bush III, the end comes in 2014 or 2015.

The math doesn’t lie; China is positioning itself to be the world’s next superpower; they own trillions in $$ treasury debt; they will call the shots; they are accumulating oil and precious metals in unbelievable amounts. Remember the Golden Rule?

Them that has the gold makes the rules.

At a time of their choosing, they will walk away from supporting U.S. debt. Who buys it then?

Everybody that sits watching TV, from the relative comfort and safety of your living room, better reconcile the very high probability that life as you know it is going to end and get very, very ugly.

You think riots and anarchy can only happen in Greece? With almost 50 million people on food stamp debit cards [oh, excuse me, nutritional assistance], what happens when those cards don’t get loaded some month? You think millions are gonna sit back and just relax while they starve?

“Snake Pliskin where are you?”

Sure, the straight forward problem is math; the real problem is that there are no leaders willing to bite the bullet and lead.

I don’t know if Mitt Romney can prevent the U.S. from the abyss; I am quite sure Chalky Soetero is planning on it.

Meanwhile ……. It’s the weekend and time for a chuckle. Without further ado …..

Have a good weekend everyone.


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