Sunday, May 20, 2012


                               Somehow We Always Knew This

I have decided to make a few cosmetic changes to the website, and to announce that I will no longer be making available to the public my algorithm. I have made some recent updates and revisions that I think add significant value to timing moves in the marketplace. It’s as simple as this: I don’t want others front-running me or stepping in front of me anticipating moves and skewing the price. From here on out, only my PAMM clients get to take advantage of the algorithm.

In addition, I’ll be introducing Twitter and some podcasting in the next few weeks. My new twitter handle is @vegasxau [and you can follow now if you wish] and I’ll be sending out through the day and night interesting things I see that either are trading related or something I think my subscribers will interested in; I’m hoping to have a lot of fun with it.

I’ll also be releasing some MP3 podcasts probably twice per week; once on Wednesday and once over the weekend. People always tell me they would rather listen to me talk about markets than read about markets; OK, I’m game and soon I’ll be doing this as well. And again, if we can’t have some fun with this what’s the point?

As always, my hope is to have some fun and also deliver some value to your trading. Questions and comments are always welcome.


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