Thursday, May 17, 2012


                                          The Nerve Of  Him

“Everybody has a plan until I hit ‘em.”
            Mike Tyson

Is it any wonder kids growing up today are totally confused? There is their reality of school, where everything is text book nice and all outcomes are pretty, and then they get the rest of the day to see the total opposite. Bombarded with digital media promoting free sex, no rules, and anybody over 30 generally is evil and out if it, is it any wonder Ritalin sales are through the roof?

“So, what’s the plan kid?”


15 years later they start trading, and with all the wonderful outcome based education under their collective belts, and being dumbed down to the point where nothing bad can happen because government can solve everything don’t-cha-know, reality meets delusion in a rather vicious headlong collision.

“So, generation numbskull trader, what’s the plan?”


Does anybody [metaphorically speaking] under the age of 30 have any idea what gold really represents? Do they have any idea what the concept of “free markets” means? And, do they have the slightest clue just how corrupt and vile the U.S. government has become, with politicians in particular being total liars and hypocrites?

Every single day it seems the contrast between delusion and reality grows stronger. I can’t really decide which is the bigger farce; Europe pretending all is well or Chalky Soetero pretending he knows what he is doing.

Every day the reasons for buying gold grow stronger, and yet so do the reasons to sell it. Two things in life you can always count on; 1) God never lies, and 2) gold as a store of value over time.

As I get older, all I have are more questions.

Have a good day everyone.



Did I mention lying politicians?

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