Wednesday, May 2, 2012


                             Chairman: Gold Manipulation Team

Fresh off my May Day celebration yesterday, in which I put on my Ché t-shirt and watched with glee as some Occupy protestors got their heads beat in, I bear the heavy responsibility of sharing with my comrade readers the rules for the new paradigm.

The United Socialist States of America (USSA), or better known as Amerika, has embarked upon [for the benefit of the children of course] actively trading gold for the sheeple. Since they openly manipulate intervene through Primary Dealers [read JPM and The Squid] in practically all other financial markets [equities and bonds] it’s only natural they now start losing billions trading gold.

Rule #1: What happens in Asia stays in Asia

Too busy playing pochinko; worrying about N. Korea; reading porn-themed comic books and watching anime; and commuting into and out of radiation zones, any and all $3 - $5 range moves put in during the Asian session mean absolutely nothing as far as the rest of the day goes.

Rule #2: Pay attention to the following times for Central Planner intervention

2:00 A.M. [Chicago time]; 7:20 A.M. to 8:00 A.M [Chicago time]: this represents the European open and the U.S. open (40 minute window for economic reports) respectively. Increasingly, Chairman Hopeless likes to use economic reports to do the People’s manipulation trading to give cover to the activity.

Rule #3: Expect [manipulation] trading activity every trading day

The sharp spikes/drops are here to stay; use them to your advantage and look for them to exit positions. Chairman Hopeless doesn’t care about making money; we do. They don’t actually have to execute orders to be effective; the People’s broker of choice, JPM, will front-run large resting limit sell orders for their own benefit. All with the blessing of Chalky Soetero and the rest of the socialist team.

“Remember children, gold is evil; report all parental suspicious activity to the TSA.”

Rule #4: Traditional technical analysis of charts is useless

Members of the Peoples Trading Team can read charts too; they will use their knowledge to manipulate trade when they think you are going to do something based on common chart patterns you know you use.

“How dare you trade against the People; you deserve to lose money.”

It is important to realize that their purpose is to hurt you. My purpose, and the algorithm’s, is to hurt them.

Meanwhile, back in food stamp nation …

Have a good day everyone.


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