Monday, April 9, 2012


                                           Celebrating Easter

Give the world a chance to take a 4 day vacation Holiday and everybody will celebrate the Easter weekend. Markets were closed in most of Asia and Europe, leaving the U.S. to limp into an after Holiday Monday.

The algorithm has been updated and is available for free at the link on the right. I’m making this completely free for traders; no strings attached. Simply go to the link "Get It Free" and download the 34 page PDF manual. Also for download, at the links on the right, are the various mq4 files you will need to implement the algorithm on the MT4 trading platform. The manual explains which mq4 files for each market.

If you trade gold, currency, stock index, or oil futures then you need the algorithm also. Many times tracking continuous futures charts are a real pain because of the expiration months and the different basis between contract months.

Simply open an MT4 demo account at any brokerage house [Hotforex at the link on the right] that supports the MT4 trading platform.

I’m making the updated, new and improved, algorithm available to the trading public so that more of you can profit from trading. Whether you trade spot or futures, you will benefit.

Have a good day everyone.


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