Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Make This Go Away

                              Wear It Proudly Or Throw It Away

I’ve seen slow days in my time but today takes the cake. Round up the usual adjectives in mother-approved floor trading language and try and remain calm; it isn’t easy.

"I holed up on the couch with my laptop for this [gym shorts on of course]? Geeeeeeeeeeesh, I coulda watched Twilight Zone reruns on the Scifi channel!"

Is there an international soccer game on the docket I’m not aware of that would grind trading activity in Asia and Europe almost to a coma state? The only thing that remains in suspense is whether gold can put in 5 days in a row of higher closing prices; the last time being almost 6 months ago. Ohhhhhhh, somebody grab me a valium – I can’t stand the uncertainty.

Fact is, without the dealer induced, where-did-that-tick-come-from mystery tick, the day’s range wouldn’t have been about $9.50; it would have been closer to $8.50. Even the dealers today were modestly calm and not acting like the piranhas everyone knows they are.

I feel like we are in the middle of the eye of a hurricane; yea, it feels calm but just wait ‘till the backside of this thing shows up.


                                            Issues On Parade

See what happens when trading is dull and listless?

Have a good day everyone.


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