Monday, January 16, 2012


                                       No Time Like The Present

…Hear the echoes and feel yourself starting to turn
Don't know why you should feel
That there's something to learn
It's just a game that you play

Well the picture is changing
Now you're part of a crowd
They're laughing at something
And the music's loud

A girl comes towards you
You once used to know
You reach out your hand
But you're all alone, in these
Time passages
I know you're in there, you're just out of sight
Time passages
Buy me a ticket on the last train home tonight.
            “Time Passages” – Al Stewart

“I’ll honor God starting next Sunday; I’ll make changes in my life to make me a better person starting next week; I’ll go on a diet starting next Monday; and finally, I’ll start following the algorithm right after this trade.”

There are a million stories in the naked trading city, and I think I’ve heard just about every one you can possibly name. Your trading  doesn’t just EXIST in an isolated environment separate from the rest of your life.

For some of you, what I am about to say next is going to hurt upon self examination. So be it. Personal weaknesses in other areas of your life can influence and leak into your trading.

Now, don’t make the mistake in logic of inferring from this that you have to be “perfect” to make money or be successful: you can do both in spite of yourself. I’m also not inferring that because I make money trading, that somehow I’m a perfect person.  Far, far from it my trading amigos; nobody needs God’s forgiveness more than yours truly.

What I’m suggesting is that maybe your inability to pull the trigger on a trade, or follow directions in an algorithm isn’t just related to trading.

In trading, just as in life, you have free will to choose the “right” path or the “wrong” path. You can’t expect consistently right results when you go down the “wrong” path. What’s going to happen is just what Al Stewart’s song suggests, “you reach out your hand but your all alone…”

Today’s Action & Wrap Up

We came into the day in “buy mode”. Our first buy signal came at 1:05 AM [Chicago time] at 1642.00. Stop on this trade was placed at 1638.90, just above the low at 12:50 AM at 1638.36 [bid].

Later, we got a confirmation top at 1644.00 [discussed in the manual and Appendix IV]. Profit on this trade was $2.00 / oz. Since today is the MLK Holiday in the U.S., expect trading to be subdued and choppy as we move into the US trading session. As a result, I have no intention of getting stuck in a trade as volume and volatility shrink. So, profit for the day is $ 2.00 / oz

Again, we take what the market gives us, not hang around wishing it would do more. Not enough of a gain for a Ka-Ching, but enough to buy snow cones at the beach for everyone.

Have a great day everyone!


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