Tuesday, January 3, 2012


                                 This Guy Was Smoooooooooth

So, who was born that could dance like Fred Astaire? How many hours do you think he perfected his craft before you saw him on the silver screen?

                                  Yea Right, I’m Gonna Dance

There was no way in 7th grade you were ever going to dance. We’re here to eat pizza, not dance. Talk about wanting to disappear into a wormhole and go to a different universe – man this was it.

Any yet, we overcame it and somehow made it through the most awkward situations imaginable.

Kind of like when you are a NEW trader.

                          You’re Trading. I Know You’re Trading.

So, while you sit there with the algorithm and learn “to dance”, you get the luxury of 1) being able to trade from any location, 2) sit around in your gym shorts and not have to commute, 3) make money anonymously, and 4) ALL OF THE ABOVE.

As we start 2012, I want to emphasize again the importance of discipline, discipline, and more discipline. It is within each of you to learn “to dance”.

I’m no Fred Astaire, but I’m going to try and take you on the dance floor and teach you a few steps. You can sit on the sidelines and eat pizza, or you can get in the game.

I promise not to step on your toes.

Today’s Action & Wrap Up

We entered the day in “buy mode” Our first signal came at 3:45 AM [Chicago time] at 1588.50. Stop on this trade was at 1585.00. Over the next couple of hours the market dragged higher and we got a confirmation top [liquidation signal] at 1596.00 [discussed in the manual and Appendix IV].

Gain on this trade was $ 7.50 / oz.

Ka-Chinggggggggggggg !! [Starting 2012 on a good note]

Now, I know the temptation is great to get back in there and make some more, but here is where disciplined trading kicks in and says, “STOPPPPPPPPP” !!

We have made good, decent money for the day. No need to attempt to give it back!

Have a good day everyone, and Happy New Year!


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