Wednesday, December 28, 2011


                          You Won’t Get It On A College Campus

College socially develops young people and hopes to impart discipline skills. It does NOT teach you anything you need to know to actually become rich. The purpose of college is to create worker bees for corporate Amerika.

                         “Hey Little Girl! Want A Student Loan?”

If you are itchin’ to 1) stay poor your entire life, 2) work horrible hours in desolate locations, and 3) go into massive debt to get that “special” degree, then go work for corporate Amerika. Be a worker bee; the world needs worker bees. Without them, traders would actually have to do something.

                     This Is My Idea Of A Corporate Meeting Place

If you share my vision of a corporate meeting place, then I invite you to enroll in the vegas trading PhD program. Here’s what you get: 1) the best trading algorithm you are likely to ever find, 2) tuition free enrollment, 3) trading on the state of the art MT4 trading platform with extremely tight spreads, and 4) a top professor in the field to provide you with the necessary support and guidance.

Call Make-Me_Rich. The first 15 callers get a FREE Ginsu Knife set

                                  Do I Look Like I’m Kidding?

For those of you sitting out there wondering about your life, I invite you to email me at and fire away with your questions. While the markets are slow, and ranges tight during the Holiday Season, this may be your only opportunity to actually speak and correspond with the Dean of Admissions [ME]. I will do my best to answer every email I get. So c’mon, what have you got to lose here?

Today’s Action & Wrap Up

We entered the day in “sell mode” and had our first sell signal at 1:10 AM [Chicago time] at 1588. Stop on this trade was at 1591.50, just above the highs set in early Asia. A few hours later we got a confirmation bottom at 1584. This confirmation bottom is discussed in the manual and Appendix IV. Gain on this trade is $ 4.00 / oz.

Since we are in Holiday mode, this gain is good enough for me even if we get 3 other signals later in the day. While not quite the $5 / oz I’m looking for, it’s close enough for government work.

Have a good day everyone.


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