Monday, December 19, 2011


                                   Success One Step At A Time

Somehow, people bring a perspective to trading that is unlike anything else they experience in life. “I should be able to plug into the market and make millions!”

“You buy low and sell high: how hard can this be?”

“I watch the news like a hawk and am on top of what’s happening in the world second-by second. Plus I’m a smart guy, so I should be OK. Right?

                             The Devil Is ALWAYS In The Details

Did you get your college degree in 48 hours? Did you meet and marry your spouse in the first 10 minutes? [Those that answered the last question with a yes, please turn off your computer and get help quickly.]

You are the kind of person who spends 6 months shopping online for a new dishwasher so you can save $50, but Ohhhhhhhhhhh, you’re gonna plop 5K into an account and compete in the marketplace and be “a professional” trader because you bought a book on technical chart patterns?

                               Pay Attention Potential Traders!!

Trading isn’t rocket science, yet you wouldn’t know it talking to people who somehow want the rewards of trading without actually doing anything to get it. I introduced “The Vegas BFSG Algorithm” to the public to help those that wanted the freedom and money that goes with successful professional trading without having to reinvent the wheel.

However, you need to bring the perseverance necessary to make yourself successful. That means becoming totally familiar with the algorithm and getting help when you need it. For most people it takes about 10 – 20 days of trading on a demo to “get it”. After that it’s like walking and breathing at the same time [I think you can handle it if you’re human.]

It’s understanding one concept at a time, getting comfortable trading and placing orders and getting used to the time differentials, etc. Like anything else in life that is worth keeping and protecting, don’t be in such a rush to become rich.

                          When The Food Shows Up, He Will Eat

Little steps are the key to your success. Be a "Patient Bear" and  cover a great distance through perseverance!!

Today’s Action & Wrap Up

We came into the day in “buy mode”, and our first buy signal came at 12:15 AM [Chicago time] at 1591. Within the hour, we got a confirmation top [discussed in the manual and Appendix III] at 1592.50. Our gain was $ 1.50 / oz.

Our second buy signal came at 1595.50 at 4:50 AM [Chicago time]. About an hour later we got a confirmation top [discussed in the manual and Appendix III] at 1594.50. This second trade resulted in a loss of - $ 1.00 / oz.

Our third buy signal came at 1596 at 6:40 AM [Chicago time]. Within the hour we had a confirmation top at 1603.50 [discussed in the manual and Appendix III]. Our profit on this trade was $ 7.50 / oz.

Adding all the trades for the day, our profit total was $ 8.00 / oz.

Ka-Chingggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg [This bugs you doesn’t it Skeptic Cat & Skeptic Dog?]

Some of you got out at better fills, but I’m taking just about worst case scenarios. To the rest of the world, the invitation to join us is still open!!

Have a good day everyone.

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