Wednesday, November 30, 2011


                                    Perception IS Everything

A few years ago, a fraternity brother from my college days dropped in, and since he was a Major in the US Air Force, he took me up in the F-16 trainer he was flying for the day. We had a blast up at 50,000 feet, but what I remember the most from the experience was experiencing not knowing UP FROM DOWN.

                                      Which Is Up & Down?
                                       [You Sure?]

The fact is, we often mistake our perception of events one way, only to find they are something in reality much different.

Markets present a laboratory of human emotions, endless data streams, and money flows that boggle the imagination. Not only do we have to think correctly, but there is another trading dimension most people give little thought too: timing.

                                   If I Wait I Will Be Rewarded

Meet my little friend “Patient  Bear”. Unlike my pal “Skeptic Cat”, who almost never does anything for fear of fear, Patient Bear knows what he wants and then waits to get it. Both, in reality, want the same thing; viz. something, anything, an algorithm if you will, that will allow them the easiest existence they can muster for themselves. In trading, hopefully you look for the easiest trade to make money.

As humans, we want that same kind of “easy existence”. What holds you back are the perceptions of getting it don’t match up with the reality of achieving it.

Until now!

                                               I’m Waiting

“The Vegas BFSG Algorithm” is FREE. If you wish to send me 5K so you can feel better about it, write me and I’ll let you know where to deposit the money. No other trading professional is willing to do what I am doing. NONE!!

While others reach into your pocket for your credit card, while preaching hypothetical results, I am here to show you how to get the kind of money and income you want from trading.

The response I have received from traders is gratifying, yet at the same time I know there are many of you who visit my website to read the posts, and then walk away wondering if this is for real. All I can say is join for FREE and find out. You don’t have a thing to lose, except the perception that somehow you can’t do it.

Gains today in all markets that trade “The Vegas BFSG Algorithm” were truly staggering. Once again, being on the right side of everything [buy mode] paid off in spades, as the timing kicked in to produce huge gains. Not just in Gold, but everything: oil, stock indices, and currencies [AUDUSD for example].

Today’s Action & Wrap Up

Like yesterday, we came in to the day in buy mode. There were 2 occasions in the wee hours [1:00 AM – 2:00 AM Chicago time] where the algorithm came very close to giving a buy signal. It didn’t happen, so we didn’t get long. The first buy signal in gold came at 3:15 AM [Chicago time] at 1707. Stop on this trade was at 1701.95 which was never hit.

At 5:00 AM, another buy signal from the algorithm at about 1707. Every market soared form there on China news and news from the Fed that they are providing liquidity to Europe. Gold immediately rallied hard up to the 1716 area.

Now, almost as if on cue, and remembering what I said yesterday about “non computable trading”, I believe there was a confirmation top at 1716. However, if you viewed the signal just slightly different than I, you would not have sold and liquidated the position. As I said yesterday, as long as you are consistent there won’t be any problem.

If you stayed long, then you definitely got the sell confirmation a little later at 1736; almost a $30 gain.

For my reporting purposes, I’m not going to exaggerate or embellish what the algorithm can do. It does what it does, and doesn’t need any help in reaching profits. So, a net gain on the day of $ 9 / oz [Realizing that some algo traders got a whole lot more. Congrats if you did.]

Ka Ching!! [again]

Have a good day everyone.


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