Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gold Is Truth: Everything Else Is A Lie

                                   The Truth Hurts Doesn’t It?

The utter hubris of the political elite around the world knows no bounds. I must admit, I chuckle every time Barry Soetero or Merkozy get in front of a camera and stumble about like a drunk. Where do you find the words today that are different from yesterday, that say the same thing: you’re screwed? 

                                     Your Future Without Gold

Fiat money is created at the push of the monetary button, thus insuring another group of special interests get bailed out with the corresponding return of a vote at election time.

Let’s see if you can do that with gold?” [I didn’t think so either.]

                        Animal Trader Anthem

Why do different traders, trading the same thing, have such disparate results? Well, some traders are more equal than others. Why?

                              Don’t Come to Wrong Conclusions

In the trading realm, A = B therefore B = A, isn’t necessarily so. This is why it is so important to think about trading away from the action, and why your algorithm will make all the difference in whether you are a pig or a mule.

Today’s Action & Wrap Up

                                 Just Another Day At The Office

About the time I retired for the evening last night, the algorithm turned into sell mode, thus requiring me to initiate short positions. After I got up this morning, and checked the overnight action, the algorithm was still in sell mode. “OK, let’s do some selling”.

The opportunity came at about 7:10 AM [Chicago time] when the algorithm flashed the sell signal. I don’t see how you could have gotten filled any worse than 1772, so we will go with that price for a new short position.

Some time later, we got confirmation of a bottom in prices around 1760. This confirmation I specifically cover in the manual. It was plain as day. In actuality, you should have gotten better pricing, upon exit, than the 1760, but again I want to be totally realistic with my prices.

So, for the day we netted about a $ 12 / oz gain. Ka-Ching.

                      Life Is good: “Honey, peel me a grape will ya?”

So, now your sitting there, and it’s still early in the day, and you figure “hey, I can make a zillion more before the day is out”.

Err, no.

One of the strengths of the algorithm is that it gives you the main move for the day, and then expects you to go live a life.

What are you waiting for?

                       I Am What I Am & Make No Excuses For It

Don’t just sit there and be Skeptic Cat, wondering if it can be for real. See for yourself and download the algorithm. Study it, learn it, and then implement it to trade and make the kind of money you want.

IT’S FREE, WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME? With the way your life is going, what have you got to lose? Seriously.

Have a nice day everyone,


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